Our cadre of certified administrators will save you a lot of time, wasted production, and headaches. Imagine an IT environment in which your computer equipment, networks, and software applications operate in synchronicity like a well-oiled machine.  We believe IT systems should be a satisfying experience for the end user, not a frustrating one.  Our goal is to keep your system running at its top performance.  You know something is wrong when your workers are less satisfied with their government workstations than with their personal computers.
    A reliable, cutting-edge, enjoyable end-user experience is what we are all about.



     In our world, we recognize that most servers on the market today are built to the standard of “three nines” (99.9%) of uptime or more.  However, most government organizations aren’t even close to achieving this degree of reliability in their systems.  At INTELiTEAMS, we strive for “three nines” across the network, which means we ensure each “gear” in the system runs smoothly and in concert with the rest of the system.  After all, what’s the point of having the very best of every component only to mix in a nonperformer? 
    We’ll ensure that each component, whether service or parts, works in concert with all others, thereby decreasing downtime and increasing productivity.

Configure & Manage


     Using a sophisticated system engineering process, we will establish and maintain reliable product performance for your organization, ensure that functional and physical attributes are met within your requirements, and capture design and operational information throughout the configuration management life cycle.
    Our experts will provision your environment, deploy your applications, and maintain your infrastructure with conscientious, committed consistency.
    Whether your organization uses Ansible, CFEngine, Chef, Docker, PowerShell DSC, Puppet, or SaltStack, or is looking for a customized recommendation regarding which to use, our talented professionals are ready to plug in and get to work for you.



     Whether you are considering moving your IT system to cloud computing; need cyber protection; have data that needs to be captured, analyzed, and managed; or would like to implement a biometric solution, we are able to provide you with a customized IT package.  We deliver trusted solutions with seamless, end-to-end integration and are able to secure your systems to ensure authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity.
    Modernizing your IT structure means more than doing the minimums to keep the system working.  It means taking an in-depth look at what your end users should be accomplishing and having a system designed specifically to their needs.
    We study your mission and your business process and provide insightful technology recommendations to keep your organization at the top tier of the government.