Information Security (InfoSec)


     Information security, or InfoSec, isn't limited to unauthorized access.  It also includes disrupting, modifying, or destroying information.  A sound program to protect information includes physical, technological, and administrative security.  It also includes a robust training program.

     When you hire us to protect your information, we take a multifaceted approach to evaluating InfoSec threats against your organization and provide you with solutions to fortify your defenses against would-be data intruders.

Risk Management


     Armed with proficiency in monitoring the dark web for threats to your government organization, our analysts are capable at searching for cyber threats, data/infrastructure/VIP exposure, physical threats, and more.  We take a proactive approach to risk management by evaluating the effectiveness of the controls in place to achieve the cybersecurity protocols and offer solutions to improve them.

     Our capable professionals are able to manage cyber risks to an ongoing and acceptable level and raise awareness of current risks affecting your organization and the potential impact of said risks.  We leverage industry standards and best practices to protect systems and detect potential problems.  We communicate the processes of new threats to enable you to engage in timely response and recovery.  Our teams identify critical assets and associated impacts from cyber threats to help you better understand your organization’s risk exposure.

Threat & Vulnerability Management


     Our services provide constant intelligence to discover, prioritize, and confirm that vulnerabilities have been fixed.  We will help you to understand your modern network, assess the risks from a perpetrator’s vantage point, and quickly remediate problems as they arise.

     We provide fast and automated data collection, compare that data within the context of your organization to provide threat intelligence, associate vulnerabilities to threat and event analysis, and provide you with comprehensive risk scoring so that you can "triage" your most pervasive vulnerabilities.