All Source


     All Source intelligence most frequently draws on human resources intelligence (HUMINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), measurements and signature intelligence (MASINT), open-source data (OSINT), and signals intelligence (SIGINT) to produce comprehensive finished intelligence products.  The idea behind all source intelligence is to leave no stone unturned to piece together the big picture for decision makers.

     Understandably, All Source Analysts need to be familiar with all sources of the collection disciplines.  Exposure to each of them through experience is essential to knitting together the most accurate interpretation in response to an analytical requirement.  For this reason, we take a keen look at what All Source Analyst applicants have been exposed to during their careers, and we choose the ones well-versed in the use of all of the "-int's."

Counterespionage (CE)


     Thwarting state- or industry- sponsored, well-resourced, foreign espionage is a vital and complex endeavor. Robert Hanson, Aldrich Ames, and numerous others throughout our nation's history have shown how damaging espionage can be.  Effective counterespionage programs must be staffed with the best and brightest to have any chance of staving off pervasive collection efforts targeting our political, military, and sensitive technology information.  We have been formally recognized by the Director of National Intelligence and numerous other high-level officials for the counterintelligence and counterespionage work we’ve done for our nation.  We are ready to put our top-tier talent to work for your government organization.

Counterintelligence (CI)


     Counterintelligence (CI) is about gathering information and conducting activities to foil espionage, insider threats, cyber threats, sabotage, assassinations, and terrorism.  It's also about collecting intelligence, protecting national secrets, and keeping weapons of mass destruction and embargoed technologies from ending up in the wrong hands.
    We are adept at recruiting niche-skilled teams of private-sector talent to answer your organization's CI needs.  Our company founders have earned their stripes, scars, and bars through the twin crucibles of in-country operations and high-level strategic planning.  They lead counterintelligence professionals who know the game and play to win.  Your mission's success becomes the very air that they breathe.
    You’ll be hard-pressed to find another resource whose principals or board members have deeper experience or more impressive credentials in the art.  It’s the kind of know-how and background that’s a magnet to top-tier talent with prodigious experience.

Counterterrorism (CT)


     One of the ways in which we assist government organizations in countering terrorist threats is by linking our vast network of contacts to facilitate open dialogue between agencies.  Cooperation doubles an organization's resources to better define the threat and appropriately target those intent on doing us harm.
    Today, counterattacks by the U.S. are exercised with near-surgical precision.  However, surgery does little good if it is focused on the wrong area.  For this reason, whether it’s intelligence analysis or operational support to a Combatant Command, an intelligence agency, or federal law enforcement organization, we deliver information so the tactical recipient will know which door to knock on – and which to knock down.

Human Intelligence (HUMINT)


     Not only have we done the Human Intelligence (HUMINT) job on the ground, we also know just how that job relates to the strategic intent of the Commander in Chief, the Director of the Department of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other national leaders.
    Our experience has been rich and fruitful at all levels – tactical, strategic, and national.  We’ve worked with the White House, Pentagon, Joint Chiefs, CIA, DHS, DIA, FBI, NATO, SHAPE, and others.
    While there are many defense-company contractors working on this earth, unless they’ve been exposed to the highest levels of the national arena, their views are, by necessity, restricted.
    The levels of experience and training we promise are the levels we deliver.

Insider Threat


     Pollard, Manning, Snowden ... who's next?  We have built, staffed, and managed sophisticated insider threat programs for a number of government clients that have significantly enhanced our nation’s security posture. 

     Our corporate leaders have decades of experience countering threats from within, giving us the upper hand in recruiting the best professionals in the industry for your insider threat program. 

​     Our solid technical and management reputation in the industry enables us to attract and deliver precisely the right talent necessary to protect your organization and our nation from those with whom we entrust with the most.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)


     We use a large variety of web search and visualization tools to comb the Internet and deep web to glean information of strategic, operational, or tactical value from publicly available sources.  We then synthesize the material we find to reduce real or contrived ambiguity and present our analysis in well-written, professional formats that our customers find to be clear, logical, and dependably on target.

     Our work can be used as stand-alone products, or integrated with other intelligence analysis, and is always tailored to your specifications.