Leadership Training

     Our experiential learning approach shapes professional growth, unlocking government employees’ limitless potential to do their mission better than ever.  We teach key competencies and skills that are proven to speed up a leader's readiness and success.  Our instruction incorporates hands-on simulations and role-playing scenarios to develop your managers into results-oriented leaders.  We teach essential behaviors, emotional intelligence, accountability, and processes designed to help leaders get results from their subordinates.
    We will provide your organization with innovative, proven, high-engagement learning opportunities for professionals to enhance their leadership capabilities.  We start by assessing each pupil's strengths and weaknesses in relation to your organization's mission and goals.  This information becomes especially useful when we engage in one-on-one breakaway sessions tailored to the student.  Our classroom instruction is interactive and stimulating.
    Your organization will benefit immeasurably from our proven leadership training.

Tradecraft Training

     Tradecraft training is largely about teaching techniques.  We teach them by first demonstrating the desired outcome and then diving into the mechanics behind them.
    First, we stoke the imagination and create an inspiration to learn.  Next, we teach pupils the skills they need to do it themselves.  
    Rote recital is a shallow way of learning and is easily forgotten.  Learning aimed at a practical purpose stays with a person for a lifetime.