Your privacy is of top importance to J.R. Mannes.  Please note that it is your prerogative whether to supply or withhold any personal information within the public area of this site.  It is at your discretion that you provide your name and address on the public area of this site when requesting information about products, services, or employment.  Moreover, it is also at your discretion to provide additional information, such as your income, occupation, gender, age, marital status, education, résumé for employment, etc.

The information that you provide as a prospective client will be used for evaluating your need for our services and for marketing, research, and development purposes. 

The information you provide as a prospective employee will be evaluated to determine whether your skills and abilities correlate with J.R. Mannes contractual requirements.

Your personal information will not be distributed to any parties for commercial purposes other than J.R. Mannes Government Services Corp.  A J.R. Mannes representative may contact you to follow up on your interest in our services or employment.

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